Escape Simulator – The Bounty Hunter Map Walkthrough (Chapter 1)

Walkthrough Guide

Building Hallway

3 coat hangers can be moved (top/middle/bottom) for 3 doors. you need to match the height of the nameplates on the left of the doors.


  • Devon Mc Millan=Middle
  • Lukas Smajdouk=Bottom
  • Yoan Mc Lemanch=Top

Alampwill fall down, akeywas inside it and now lies on the ground. You can open Jo’s apartment using it.

Old Jo’s Apartment

Inside of the apartment, right after you opened the door, you will find a bunch of letters on the ground.You need to pick the important one.In order to open it, find theletter opener on the desk.Then,inspect the envelope, drag the letter opener to the top left of the letter from your inventory view. Grab the letter that comes out.

Jo’s lettertells you that you need toplace all 4 must haves in the right places.There is a book hidden in the deskthat explains which ones these are.

Where to find the 4 must haves:

  • Cowboy Hat: Sitting on top of the wood screen.
  • Winchester: Bottom drawer next to the bed.
  • 2x Colts: one is hidden under the bed, the other in the middle compartment of the piano.
  • The flask full of whiskey: empty flask found on the table along with the bottle. You need to open both the bottle and flask, and pour the bottle into the flask from your inventory (simply inspect the flask and drag the bottle above its hole.

Where to place the 4 must haves:

Black icons of each item will show the relevant spot in the room

  • Cowboy Hat: on top of the coat hanger
  • Winchester: on the rack fixed on the wall next to the desk
  • Flask filled with Whisky: on the desk, next to the oil lamp
  • 2x Colts: 1x inside the top right drawer, 1x inside the boot on your left when facing both boots

Once allmust haveshave been placed, thesecret doorwill open.

You will find a note with a hint to open the lock blocking your access. There is a smallpicture of a windowon it, head back to the hallway where you spawned.

Building Hallway

Look through the window. The note you just picked up refers to the 4 buildings you can see through the window. If you focus, you will see each buildinghas a number in their name.

  • Bank: B = 8
  • Jail: I = 1
  • Train Station: A = 4(Station)
  • Saloon: S = 5

Based on the letter, the correct combination to open the lock is8541.Head back inside Jo’s apartment.

Old Jo’s Apartment

You open the lock with code8541and can now enter thesecret room.

Secret Room

You will find a5 level totemon the table to your left, as well as a board pre-filled with a bunch of paper hints. These can be moved around as you please, the board is here just to give you some kind of visual representation of your investigation.

Your first task will be to find all4 train tickets.

Where to find them:

  1. Under the carpet
  2. Inside the safe that’s next to the table
  3. Inside the fireplace behind the logs
  4. Behind the piano in the main room

Once you have them, you need to place them in the right order. Pretty easy, there can only be one combination.

Right Order: Chicago => Otoxoco => Abeneer => Frorado => Laurelee

The numbers on the train tickets will give you the combination to open the firsttotem level.

Solution: 9813

Inside, you will find4 paper hints.

The twins departed from the south west after the crime:If you look at the map, you understand the twins are linked to the Otoxoco ticket.

After the event, the parents decided to move out of Abeneer:”The parents” = child involved? So the victim linked to Abeneer is the little girl. The crime linked to Abeneer likely is kidnapping.

The jewellery was stolen in Frorado:the crime linked to Frorado is Jewellery theft.

He shot the sheriff in the head:The crime very likely is murder, however how do you match it up to a location? You know the who the victims are for the first and second locations. You also know the crime for the 3rd location (Jewellery theft) meaning the 4th location can only be the sheriff whom you know was shot in the head. Thus Laurelee = sheriff + murder. This also means the last victim, tied to the jewellery theft, can only be the old woman.

You now have enough information to solve the totem’s second level. In order to unlock it, you need topress the victims images in the chronological order of 2GK’s travel.

Solution: Twins => Little Girl => Old Woman => Sheriff

This opens the 2nd level and you get a new hint:

Twins second letter. Child’s first letter. Sheriff’s fourth letter. Old woman’s sixth letter.

You will likely try using theirnamesfirst but you will notice this doesnt add up. You actually need to use theirlocation.

  • Twin’s second letter=oToxoco
  • Child’s first letter=Abeneer
  • Sheriff’s fourth letter=lauRelee
  • Old woman’s 6th letter=froraDo


TARD.You can now open the box next to the totem, and obtain 3 more hints for your investigation.

You don’t need a weapon to steal jewellery:the weapon associated with jewellery theft/old woman is fists

After 2GK’s visit, the twins were forced to walk…:if they were forced to walk, they lost their horses? Were they stolen? Otoxoco’s crime = horse theft

To kill from that far, colts won’t do the trick:Can’t use a knife either for long range kills (unless you’re playing Call of Duty!), the weapon tied to sheriff/murder is the winchester.

You now have all you need to solve the 3rd level of the totem, relating to the crimes. Again, in chronological order. On the papers, you can see roman numbers, which you have to press in the correct order.


Horse Theft => Kidnapping => Jewellery theft => Murder : IX => I => III => IV

With the 3rd level unlocked, you obtain 2 new paper hints. These will be used to work out which weapon was used for which crime for the 2 remaining slots.

  • At Otoxoco, he didn’t have his winchester but still made bullets rain: You guessed it – Colts
  • At Abeneer, he sliced his way through: Knife

Your board is now fully completed. It should look like this:

Now that you’ve worked out which weapon was used for which crime, you can press them in the right order on the totem.

Solution: Colts => Knife => Fists => Winchester

Nice one! Last safety measure,who is the best bounty hunter you know? Turn the page around…Obviously, it’syour mentor, Old Jo!

Solution: 15 12 4 10 15

Grab thekeyand go back to the hallway.

Building Hallway

Open the door to your right when you leave Jo’s apartment using your newly acquiredkey

Staircase / Entrance to Basement

Click the hatch leading to the basement.

Congratulations, this room is now completed!

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