Escape Simulator – The Elevator Escape (Floor 1) Map Walkthrough

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Main Story In-Order

Go to the community poster board in-front of the saloon and read the missing poster. Call the number listed into the phone inside the saloon.

Answer the responses correctly and listen closely. “Check the picture I included on the missing poster, that’s where I last saw him playing”. Go to the bench near the water tower and pick up the collar to prompt the phone ringing.

Click the phone to stop the ringing and prompt the next message. The collar says “GABE” with a music note underneath. Play G A B E into the piano to unlock a secret compartment on the right side. Grab the paper sheet and place it over the plaque on the wall in the saloon. Compare the dates that show through the holes in the sheet with the dates on the gravestones in the church graveyard. Click the candles near the graves in the correct order; 1740, 1741, 1743, 1768, 1770, 1748, 1745, 1766.

The sand pile in the center of the graveyard will disappear and a sheet of paper will be sitting there. The phone will start ringing again. Go to the phone and click the phone. Read the paper you got, the clue on the right says to look up at a pillar with 4 supports. Go into the saloon and look above the pillar with the 4 supports to see the dynamite. The clue on the left shows a Morse code device. Go to the briefcase next to the fire pit to find a sheet with the same Morse code diagram but with descriptions to certain parts of the diagram. Turn over the dynamite clue sheet to see 5 numbers with the initials, I.M.C Above it. Go to the trunk in front of the saloon with the Morse code device atop of it. There is an International Morse Code translation sheet above the trunk. Using the diagram, the numbers on the back of the dynamite sheet, and the Morse translation sheet you can match the numbers with its corresponding letter. Then, type those letters into the Morse code device; “RODEO”. Take the sticks of dynamite and place them on the two x’s on either bench out front of the saloon. After blowing that up, inspect the trash underneath the bench. There are 5 playing cards flipped over. Go into the saloon and click all those upwards on the table playing cards. Then the box on the table will open. Grab the key inside and place it in the clock door.

Under the wagon outside there is a shovel. Use the shovel on 4 sand piles around the outside area. 4 obelisks will rise from the sand with a pentagram on them. After unlocking the clock, yellow lines will appear on the pentagrams. These lines are numbers. Press the button on the inside of the clock to change the time to nighttime and look back at the obelisks. The numbers have changed and now are blue. Add the numbers on each individual obelisk and put in the code in the order of the shapes on the box and the obelisks. 8696. Grab the key from the chest. Phone will ring, go and press it, message will play.


Grab the rope off the bar stool and place it in the well. Go back to the bar and look behind the bar to the shelves of drinks. Look at the green bottles and the outline it makes. It outlines 4 numbers, 3134. Put this code into the beer tap handles on the bar to unlock the chest. Grab the bucket from the chest and place it on the rope in the well. Use the key from the chest on the wheel on the side of the well. The bucket will go down, and when it comes up the cat will be in the bucket. Press the cat to trigger the last phone ring.

Answer the phone and they will thank you for your help and give you 3/4ths of a 4 digit number. You have to guess the last number. Place that code into the safe on the bench out front and retrieve the floor 2 button. Place the floor 2 button in its respected socket in the elevator. Pressing it will bring you to the second floor where the end is. Press the square button on the center statue to finish the map!

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