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Fatty White Tips

How to Use Him Properly?

He is one of the two top laner I regularly run on my hyper offense teams. It sounds like it goes against the concept, except that it’s very efficient when you just simply want to end games right then and there quickly without waiting for HP. In an early close out i.e pre-31 his temporary armor boost to all allies is enough to boost their survivability by another 1-2 turns depending if they are melee or ranged. As a tank, he can apply his armor buff to himself; Otherwise he’ll use it on another unit to extend their damage output longer.

The important of Fatty is increased further when I pretty much always need the Conductor trait on my team so I can force a play before the first dragon fight (30). Top lane by that point is rarely solo killed, and Fatty on his own with tank scaling stats and feats makes it better. I usually prefer other traits on the other members, and Conductor isn’t that great on marksman/mage stat scaling for hp and ranged armor anyway so don’t want to risk some shenanigans.

The other I use is hakuna because he is also efficient for closing gap of overall hp differences, same statline as Fatty except Fatty has continued usage throughout a fight other than 1 round difference.

General Tips

Dont waste all your strategy points in one sweep. Try to learn to be economical with it. If you have 8+ strategy points, clicking end turn will make one round go by and then the game pauses and you may play cards (and if you have the hand limit of cards you will lose the rightmost card.

But if you have under your hand limit, which is 8 when you start the game, then you will lose nothing really and just get +1 card and +1 strategy point).

How to Set Language into English

If you start game as Chinese language and wanna change language:

  1. Click 设置 (which is 2nd button from bottom).
  2. Click 语言 and select English.
  3. Click 保存 to save.
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