Espresso Tycoon – Tokyo Level Walkthrough

Tips for Tokyo Level Walkthrough

Got it done on day 5 at 7 in the morning. Here’s a tips:

  • Aim for a 24-hour staffed shop. every operating hour helps.
  • No need for more than 1 staff at a time for the short sprint to complete the mission objectives.
  • Sell straight espresso shots to begin with too. don’t miss out on the sales.
  • Start with 20 style points. napkins = cheap points.
  • Aim for 3 golden beans.
  • Cram 6 chairs per table. two opposite sides can fit double the chairs
  • Reduce debt before midnights, then borrow as needed after (I cleared mine on day 4)
  • Really take advantage of the pause function. this includes the very start of the game when you’re naming your shop.
  • This is something I’ve discovered on going for achievements after completing all campaigns, but on 5 golden beans, you might be able to get away with using 2-star quality ingredients, especially on the coffee given the big price jump from 2 to 3 stars. i think if enough ingredients are 2-star, customers just won’t comment on the ingredient quality, but you’ll still be able to have other positive aspects give you that rating.

Realizing that the objective this time doesn’t say anything about not being in debt, this is how I finished it. Go for 5 golden beans, then do anything you can to get profit over $1,000. Minimize debt as you go, and aim to pay it all off.

Once you have $1,000 profit from yesterday’s profit, this is your cue to act. Borrow as needed to get the marketing so you can cram your shop with customers and to add the 8 sockets. Doesn’t matter if your solo barista can’t serve them all. We just need 15 in there, whether they’re eating, getting service, or angrily waiting in line.

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