Etrian Odyssey HD – Tips for Fights

Your supplies and MP run out? Here is the tips!

Gameplay Tips

You don’t have to map the section all in one go. When your HP and TP get low, go back to town and rest for the day to restore your HP/TP at the inn. Also sell anything loot you’ve picked up at the store, that’s how you unlock better gear.

Once you’ve completed the task, go back to where you got the task to complete it, then go back to town to report your progress. That’ll unlock the warp-back-to-town item at the shop which you should immediately buy at least one of.

You don’t have to do the whole quest in one outing, if you see a crab use Magic or a Skill with an element attached to it to kill it. Focus on killing the Butterflies and Moles before the Treerats.

Also remember to spend your 1000 credits in the shop to buy better equipment. It’s worth looking at your character’s skill tree before doing this though as some skills can only be used with certain weapons.

It’s also worth buying a few healing potions as they are only 20 credits each.

Also worth noting that the very early game is when your party is at its weakest. You don’t have access to decent gear, good skills for clearing random encounters or sustaining your party, and your TP pool is incredibly tiny.

As you progress through the game your expeditions into the labyrinth will last for longer and longer periods of time, possibly even long enough that your inventory fills up and you have to return to sell off loot.

Also if you are new to the series as a whole it is always a good idea to keep both a protector and a medic around. Can’t stress this enough but learn to love Front Guard as it will be the most used action of your Protector throughout the whole game.

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