EVERSPACE 2 – Tips on Fighting Prospectors

Fighting Prospectors

Prospectors are vulnerable to close range. Their thermo guns don’t focus on near targets.

Learn to fly with dampeners off. Boost and reserve your boost energy by drifting at high speed. Thermo bullets will miss a lot more. Get close, and use kinetic weapons. Mines work great too, if you can craft them.

Also, never forget your devices. EMP makes them sitting ducks. Corrosion isn’t currently very good, since they have armor, and contrary to ES1, corrosion now doesn’t bypass armor like it used to. Maybe the devs will change that (I hope so!)

If the fight is near asteroids, get the chance to pop some turrets around. They will help you a lot. (Many times players forget about consumables).

Funny part? Be smart. Look for structures, asteroids. Find a hole and lure them close. Hide, target them, and use annihilator virus. It’s the campers life. Sometimes it can be done. (When proper cover is available).

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