F1 Manager 2022 – Useful Tips

Tips for the Races

The best Tips I can give you for the Races are the following:

  • At Race-Start use the Tires, Engine and ERS in Push-Mode. After 2, maximum 3 Laps of the Race go in all Adjustments to Normal. Evtl. you will loose 1 or 2 Positions, but you can take them very easy back again.
  • If you see that the AI goes to the Box (some Teams are making 2 Boxing Stops, other Teams make 1 Boxing Stop) in an Dry Race, go to Push-Mode in all Parts again to close the Gap or if you get lucky get the Positions from them during their Pit Stops.
  • The same I do to get more Distance between my Drivers and their Haunters before my Drivers make an Boxing-Stop.
  • If you see that the AI make an Safety-Stop (Keyword: Raining) so make with the Drivers an Safety-Stop too. If you have the Chance to make a Double-Processing do it, if not let make the 1st Driver the Stop and the 2nd in the next Round. With such Weather-Changes and good Tactics I could get with both Drivers Points and 2 Podiums so far.
  • At Race-End look that you have the fresher Tires (Medium or Soft), enough Fuel and ERS-Power to close the Gap to your Opponent / Opponents in Front and if you get lucky overtake them with DRS.

With the best Cars [Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull] and second best Cars [Alpine, McLaren] you won´t manage it with the most Teams in the first Seasons, but if you can use their wind shadow take the Advantage. That gives you the Oportunity to overtake other opponent Cars which have the same or similar Targets as your Team.

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