Fabledom – How to Stop Starvation Guide

Useful Tips for Avoiding Starvation

How to get my little fables to stop starving?

First thing I would look into is worker proximity from home to worksite. You can see how close a Fablings worksite is from their home by viewing the worksites UI panel, indicated by the colored circle. Green is close, yellow is a bit far, red is problematically far from the worksite. The reason this is a problem is because Fablings need to walk all the way home to eat, and they can only eat food stored in their homes. If they work miles away from home they will be starving by the time they get there potentially.

Second I should have probably listed first but proximity between food storage and homes is also important. Head of Household for each home go out and fetch food from nearest storage for the entire household to eat. If the HoH has to travel too far to provide food for the home, the residents of that home can starve.

Thirdly I would keep an eye on the Overview panel page where it lists residents. If you click the sort button on the Status catagory, any Fabling who is in a “stuck” state due to a bug will be displayed at the top and you can unstuck them using the unstuck button at the bottom of the Fablings UI panel. You can also see who is starving this way and try and figure out why.

Bonus Tips

Is it smart to close the farms over the winter for more tax money?

The answer to that is a little more complicated than just closing them for more money. Yes it does save the 5gold tax on the farm, however it takes the entire month of winter to clear the fields and if they are not cleared by the time spring starts it will slow down the growth/income of whatever that farm is producing. So you have to ask yourself is the few gold worth the potential shortage of whatever is being grown. Because the field has to be cleared before they will grow on it/harvest from it.

Helpful tips to make much gold

My tip would be to try not to go too fast. Take your time with building stuff in the beginning. You need a good balance between buildings and population, as buildings such as the inn, but also wells, for example, require upkeep costs, which reduces the amount of coins you receive every few days. But the more fablings you have, the more tax you get from them! But you also don’t want to have too many fablings, because they obviously need to have enough food.

What causes slow coal production?

From what I found it is usually a lack of porters/poor lumber production lines.

Aka; if you are doing a massive amount of construction, that takes up lumber, both low and high grade, your lumber mill producing high grade lumber (planks) takes up lumber, coal makers, take up lumber. extended or poor supply lines means your lumber takes longer to go where it needs to go… etc.

Best advice would be… slow down how much you are actually building, and/or increase your forester jobs. another thing that’ll help is to place a stockpile near your coal makers that only deals with coal/low grade lumber.

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