Fabledom – Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips and Tricks

I have been playing since the beginning and was looking for this game. Only I noticed many things that make it difficult in time and duration of the game.

Let’s Start with…


In the beginning you should build on vegetables for the time being.

Because sooner or later you get with defiance sufficiently many fields that the people starve.

I have therefore dismantled the homesteads and converted them to only farm products.

Because so they build the village people also besides themselves food.

And on the mass seen that is real much.


It is advisable right at the beginning to build more sawmills and coal piles, because otherwise the village and town people complain that they are cold.

(Emphasis is on: I have 135 people and 10 coal piles and there is just enough coal to get me through the winter).

Bread and Grain

Grain is needed for bread.

Approximately, however, for a grain mill and a bakery, you need at least 2 grain fields to keep both running continuously.

The Pigsty / Meat

The pigsty, however, eats vast amounts of grain, and in my eyes makes it pointless for the economy and food.

Currently I have 2 cities and would need locker 3 (better 4) pigsties to supply both cities with meat.

Currently I have only built a pigsty, so I can accumulate meat for quests.

Because here and there is always asked for food, where meat is included and that is usually just enough.

The city itself gets along with bread and vegetables, and no the Meckern not.

Here, unfortunately, the fishery is missing, because this I would easily build 2-3 and see if that with be enough to make everyone full.


If you build a city later (currently I have 2) you should in many work areas such as sawmill, stonemason, workers themselves; should you use citizens.

Because in many areas probably only compatriots can be used. So always pay attention to it.

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