Fae Farm – Fishing Tips

How to Fish

All the rod upgrades do is let you catch other tiers of fish, none of which are normally accessible at the start of the game. (The game doesn’t tell you this sadly unless you actually find a fish you can’t catch to get the message ‘You need a better rod to catch this fish!’)

Simple fishing is in fact just toggling reeling on/off as opposed to needing to hold the button to reel, yeah. It can make it harder at times to let go on a moments notice.

Best advice I can give is to just pay attention to the line and keep reeling so long as it isn’t red, let go until it stops being red, then keep reeling.

When the fish pull away, don’t try to hold them by constant drag, just give lots of little tugs to slow them down. The moment they turn towards you, pull, pull, pull.

Took me until fishing level 7 to figure this out … There may be harder challenges ahead, but the herrings and rainbow trouts no longer daunt me.

Oh, and yeah, the ‘simple fishing mode’ actually makes it harder. LoL. Some goofball idea.

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