Farm Together – Guide to Best (Crops, Fish, Trees)

This quick guide will assist you with how much you gain profit on…

When you are first starting a new farm, don’t buy trees/fish/animals until you need them for a quest. Instead, buy as many of the fastest crop you can until you can afford some good profit-per-hour crops.


  • PPM = Profit Per Minute
Best PPMBest Margin
Black Goji Berry5,60Physalis2990
Romanesco5,44Graffiti Cauliflower2490
Melon5,00Crookneck Pumpkin1990
Purple Carrot4,50Pineapple1490

Note: Watermelons may take a long time to grow but the Melons they unlock are worthy it! A 10 minute crop that yeilds fruit.


Best PPMBest Harvest
Yellow Wisteria10,00White Orchid28000
Purple Daffodil8,33Rose22000
Blue Wisteria8,33Queen of Night Tulip18000
Venus Flytrap8,00Red Orchid18000
Purple Bellflower7,64China Pink Tulip12000

Note: Flower is good if you have sprinkler. Keeping them watered is especially important for the higher income flowers. Hydrangea are ready like every 3 hours so also good choices.


Best PPM
Red Sea Bream7,64
Red Snapper7,33


Best PPMBest Harvest
Hazel Tree8,82Pecan420
Starfruit Tree7,72Yellow Magnolia Tree400
Yuzu tree7,06Walnut Tree380
Tangerine Tree6,62Dragon Fruit Tree360
Pecan6,18Durian Tree350


Best PPMBest Margin
Reindeer22,22Friesian Horse7500
Muscovy Duck21,43Akhal-Teke Horse5500
Peacock18,52Arabian Horse5000
American Paint Horse16,67American Paint Horse4000


Best DPMBest Harvest
Cinnamon0,12Saffron Crocus100
Rubber0,12Black Tea75
Clove Tree0,6Red Tea60
Black Tea0,05Green Tea50

Tips to to Collect Alot of Diamonds Quickly

  • Cinnamon or rubber trees!

Cinnamon grows in all season, but I believe they equal out over the course of an in game year at max level. Cinnamon trees are more “expensive” cuz they cost medals, but they also provide spice resource which can be sold for more diamonds.

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