Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – Zone Attack Strategy to Get Pets

How to to Get More Pets

The most biggest chance of getting pets, its this:

  • Have as many Ascensions as possible, because, every Ascension reduce the needed kills for a granted catch.
  • Buy all Pet-Catch-Upgrades in Whack-Shop
  • Buy all Pet-Catch-Upgrades in Expedition-Shop
  • Buy the Kepo-Ball in Soul Shop
  • Run on hard difficult, to clear 300 waves
  • Buy all upgrades, to reduce the timer, after clearing/dying. (from 15 seconds, to 5 seconds)

People say, it was easier before the last big patch, because, you could skip the auto skull upgrade on Ascension. This helped, because, you could kill way more potatoes per wave, until the timer (a annoying break) comes after clearing or dying.

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