Fear & Hunger – Starting Tips

Beginner’s Tips to Know before Starting

Don’t hang out in the front gate area for too long. Fighting doesn’t level you up so avoid fighting as much as possible.

Battles are more like a puzzle then a traditional RPG battle. Don’t ever attack an enemie’s head unless they have a yellow bubble above their head. Target enemy arms holding weapons to lower the chance of taking high damage or losing a limb.

Loot everything you can get your hands on especially book shelves. The more people you have in your party the smoother the battles can be.

The game takes a lot of trial and error, and patience. It is rewarding to over come challenges and getting further every attempt. If you like hunting for lore there is plenty and its pretty good.

The game is pretty buggy so you might want to to get one of the bug fix mods to lower the chance of something breaking or glitching.

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