Fetish Room 18+ – How to Play Tips

Useful Tips for Minigame

At the start of the minigame you need to click to confirm the beginning, then the slider in the middle starts moving.

When you don’t press the left mouse button it shrinks down. When you hold it, it grows bigger.

Your goal is to balance it in the middle – not too small, not too big – then the bar around will fill up and eventually change the color, raising the difficulty accordingly. Hold well until the end and you’ll get a maximum score.

Note that holding or releasing doesn’t change the position immediately; it has acceleration and gradually changes velocity, so you might need to “feel” the rhythm of it.

The square slider around is filled automatically while you’re holding the middle bar in balance.

  • The red arrow is pointing to the slider that fills up while you’re playing the mini-game correctly.
  • The green arrow shows the bar you balance by holding and releasing the LMB; this is the one you need to pay attention to.

You need to balance the bar between overgrowing and shrinking down to a minimum by maintaining its size. Holding the LMB makes it grow, but you need to stop before it reaches the edges. Releasing the LMB makes the bar shrink, but once again, you need to prevent it from shrinking all the way down to the middle. Neither just holding nor spamming the LMB will work; the mini-game is about finding the right balance.

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