Firestone: Online Idle RPG – Golden Battle Pass vs Amulets


Advantage of Amulets:

You pay 1x 2000 gems and they are permanent.

Disadvantage Amulet:

For the 2000 gems you only get a single bonus even if it is permanent.

Amulet Tier List

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Golden Battle Pass

Advantage Golden Battle Pass:

For 1500 gems you already get the 10% firstone research on the first day which is one of the amulets you should buy first.

Just like you unlock the 1 additional squad for the map missions on the first/second day, which is also one of the first amulets you should buy besides the firestone research for 2000 gems and also the equivalent of the amulet meteorite hunter is also unlocked almost immediately.

Furthermore, the 5% Explorer alone, which you also unlock very early on, is not to be missed, just like the expeditioner and the second 10% firestone research.

Additionally, there are also chests/golden keys/guild coins/expedition tokens/scrolls etc. as extra rewards.

Disadvantage Golden Battle Pass:

Due to the costs of 1500 gems per month you can only save 500+ per month for dragon blood or other amulets, so saving takes some time.

Beginners should start early to save 1000 gems for dragon blood.

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