Firestone: Online Idle RPG – Jewel Enchanting Achievement Guide

How to Get Jewel Enchanting Achievement

  • Jewel Enchanting – Use 20 seals of power on your jewel items

This achievement is only available, if you already have diamond chests or higher, from 100 campaign stars in the shop/transmutaion/quests/check-in/bp etc. and from 110 campaign stars at the liberation missions.

Like gear chests, there are 3 types of seals for the wm, the legendary seals (from diamond chests), the legendary + mystic seals (from opal chests) and mystic + titan seals (emerald chests).

And the same as with your heroes (gear chests) you have to use 20 of these seals for the wm (jewel chests).

It will take some time to get the seals, but should be relatively easy once you reach 110 or more campaign stars and get the diamond chests daily through the liberation missions.

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