Firmament – Mentor Monologue Master Achievement Walkthrough

Finaly achieved it after a second walkthrough! Here are the tips where to hear all the speeches.

Full Walkthrough

Curievale – Swan

  1. Woke Up
  2. After escaping the initial Bunker
  3. On the entrance of the first bridge
  4. On the first section of the ledder directly after the first bridge
  5. On the entrance of the second bridge
  6. On the second floor of the entrance to the second bridge
  7. On the first encounder of the teleport-pod
  8. On the last bridge, where the ice will be thrown in the gate
  9. On the first encounter of the “train”
  10. near the first spire
  11. near the broken section of the ledder in the factory, or near the pod
  12. First usage of the pod
  13. Second usage of the pod
  14. Entrance of the swan
  15. Entrance of the left sleep-section in swan
  16. Up-front section – left room in swan
  17. Up-front section – left in room swan
  18. After crossing the bridge-crane and entering the left elevator building
  19. Atret living the train-pod end crossing the entrance section of the arch
  20. Next to the pod in the arch
  21. After picking first adjunct-addiction
  22. After opening the dor to the balcony of the arch
  23. On the balcony of the arch
  24. After activating the spire
  25. Entering of swan after activating the first spire


  1. Entering the swan after leaving the pod from Juleston (loaded autosafe in Swan)
  2. Leaving the pod in Juleston
  3. Entering the power-supply place
  4. Entering the swan after leaving the pod from Juleston Arch
  5. Entering the swan after leaving the pod from Juleston Spire were opened

St. Andrew

  1. Whe we see the first trolley section
  2. Started to ride the trolley
  3. After entering the top-right section in the trolley-puzzle
  4. On the entrance to the gardens
  5. In the “purging-room”
  6. Next to the garden-pod
  7. After crossing the vases and goind to the entrance.
  8. Before entering the train after leaving the garden.
  9. After engaging the spire


  1. Entering the processing (forge)
  2. Entering the underwater chamber
  3. Engaging the spire


  1. Entering the sealed factory gate at the reservoir
  2. Engaging the spire
  3. After leawing the spire

The Swan

  1. After going in the elevator to the top level
  2. During and after transfer in the upper pod
  3. After entering the outer space
  4. After unlocking the lock and raising back with the elevator, still in the iuter space
  5. After hearing to the flying robot.

Achievement ‘Mentor Monologue Master’ unlocked directly after the 50th speach started.

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