Frostrain – Explanation of Zeal

What It Does and If It Is Worth Getting

Zeal is a resource that builds over time, and the Propaganda car will (conditionally) give 3X zeal worth of happiness.

I haven’t seen any other use for it, but it’s a pretty good use, I was almost able to outpace the storm and T3 pollution.

Zeal is good if you can start building it early, but the religious faction lacking train speed is rough.

  • Zeal: At 2 cars, each cycle, if only 1 passenger enters one of the yellow cars, that car generates 1 zeal.
  • At 4 cars, any Yellow cars that have a passenger will generate 1 zeal
  • The 4th car, the propaganda car, gives you happiness equal to 3x your zeal if only 1 passenger enters, but if you have the 4 car faction bonus, any passenger entering gives 3x your zeal.

Very strong secondary faction when using an entertainment or Red faction build.

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