Generation Zero – Useful Tips

Gameplay Tips for New Players

Always bring Emergency Flare or Firework with you. Pick your favorite so you can recycle the other for Wood.

Bring Granatgevär m/49 with at least 10 EMP rounds for dealing Firebird, while HEDP (explosive) for clean up group of Runners.

If you looted Small or Medium EMP cell from enemy, keep them and use them to hunt Harvester or Tank, especially breaking their fuel tank. They have about 2.5 seconds detonation time when the PCB board (used like grenade pin) removed.

In case you struggle with ammo, loot the deal bodies at trenches located South & South East of airfield base in Farmland region.

5Augment away your weapons, even Bronze is good enough & disposable for it’s cheap requirement.

Try do FMTel assignments, at least it’s easy way to gather purple&gold weapons and you can keep the FMTel rewards in the box so save up your storage space. They won’t disappear.

Avoid fighting the machines till you have better stuff. Just sneak past machines to finish the missions till you get to the farmland region.

Focus on the combat tree and complement with components damage, extra health and gas resistance. Make the first picks matter and avoid going for the skills that require less important skills to select. Neglect lockpicking and carry capacity entirely.

Spend a lot of time just exploring the map and gathering safehouses/better weapons. It will come in handy later when map is overrun with bosses and enemy bases. I have been playing for quite awhile and only last night tried taking on a big boy. lol But have 4 Gold level weapons. The Gold HP5 can take out a hunter in the first clip if lucky!

Avoid playing the FNIX base building mission until you are ready. Once you complete it FNIX bases start spawning and can be annoying if you do not have better weapons / ammo. I went the stealth route as I play solo mostly. I have lockpicking / capacity and you will build your own style over time.

On the plus size. Bases drop experimental ammo schematics and uranium to respec your skills if needed.

Turn off your robot alert hud. Wear stealth apparel. Take some medpacks, a silenced pistol, your favourite main and a silenced exp alg and a bag full of ammo. Start at the lighthouse on the North West coast and head east, on foot. Impose a pack weight limit of, say 50kg and see how far you can get.

Adventure is mildly entertaining. Guerrilla is a bit of a chore.

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