Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Best Charnok Builds

Charnok Build Guide

By Jaden

This is by far the best Charnok build when playing at a competitive level.

Ranged characters typically have their damage heavily reliant on their LMB. In Charnok’s case the 3 Charge LMB is a bait. It is far better to go for the 2 charge that does extra damage on hit. Since you are going to be flinging these constantly you won’t need the increased burn duration as it will be reset often. The passive for crit also is irrelevant since crit in Gigantic builds constantly as you attack a target and ranged characters have the easiest time poking targets from a relatively safe distance.

The key point to this build is the slow field. The extra radius from the tier 2 burnination upgrade along with the extra range from the clash talent make Charnok one of the best zoners in the game. I recommend always taking these upgrades on LMB, Passive and E. The other 2 skills you can choose as you wish.

If you want more mobility you can test the dive Q, if you want more damage you can test the ramp up RMB, I would rarely get the armor ignoring RMB as it ignores 30% of the targets 15/25 front and 5/15 back/side armor. which in most cases just doesn’t equal the damage that the ramp up version gives you. (Tool tips in gigantic can be deceiving crit upgrades are almost always shit and armor/damage upgrades/buffs work in different and sometimes overpowering/underwhelming ways)

And let me emphasize…the meteor E on Charnok is shit… sure you can get kills with it but you lose the strongest part of his kit…the slow field that is the size of a small country.

Crit builds passively and is only +10%/20% dmg (think 10% don’t remember) so you don’t need the LMB to automatically crit if you are in a fight you will naturally build crit rate with each attack (5% per attack iirc) meaning the only other thing to take for a tier 2 passive would be the armor ignoring damage on that ability

Also regarding blazingly fast and the Q, Q is your only repositioning tool so you won’t be using it to proc instant 2 charge LMBs, more often than not you will be using it after being targeted by a melee, at which point the increased damage and instant charge becomes somewhat useful, but this build also doesn’t grab those till levels 9 and 10

The most important upgrades are the first 5, the rest are interchangeable, I mentioned the ramping damage RMB in this regard as depending on the game the other tree on RMB becomes more valuable. It wasn’t in regards to this build specifically but more the thought process behind taking the upgrades


First 5 upgrades are the most valuable, the rest use whatever you want, E talent is “mandatory”.

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  1. The crit is a pretty consistant damage buff and assist with taking out a aingle enemy, for charnoks AOE id say it depends on who you want to slow and your team comp, itd be a safe bet that if your team has melee characters that you can trust, making it a 50% slow can be extremely valuable

    2 charge is a must and with 2 charge crit is a must, but the crit can likely be your 6-8thth upgrade.

    If you are on the waterfall map id recommend swapping out the range on hail for extra jump height, it enables you one of the most impossible to chase escape in the game once the map reaches RUSH stage, which is the upper middle drop down gap above the rest of the map, i believe charnok can reach that point with his extra jump height

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