Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Best Mozu Builds

Mozu Build Guide

By Jaden

This is by far my favorite Mozu build and provides the most utility to the team.

If used properly mozu goes from having one escape to being a race car. The speed upgrade on the vortex is almost always the one you should take as any ally that walks through it gains a 30% movement speed buff. This helps in so many ways whether it be escaping, engaging or rushing an objective.

The strong part about this build is that it allows you to use Q as mobility and E as either an escape, or a way to reduce the cooldown on the Q again. With this build Mozu becomes an assassin that is omnipresent on the map and can block ranged attacks while providing speed boosts to all team members.

You can change up the order on the upgrades if you’d like. Also the other tier 2 on the E (damage at location, may be strong burst and possibly more worth than the LMB damage boost, has been a while since I’ve tested this).

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