GODSOME: Clash of Gods – Battle Tips

Useful Battle Tips

Are you having a hard time during battles? Here are some tips to help you win the battle.

Extra Unit damage

In GODSOME: Clash of Gods, there are a total of four types of units. There are relatively strong and weak types of units depending on their characteristics, so utilize them when placing your troops!

  • A) Horseman: Has an advantage over archers but is weak against fighters.
  • B) Archer: Has an advantage over fighters but is weak against horsemen.
  • C) Fighter: Has an advantage over horsemen but is weak against archers.
  • D) Crasher: Weak against all units in battles.

God Combination

Each god has different abilities and skills. Create a god that suits your own battle style through the proper allocation of abilities and skill points!

Goddess of Justice! Athena has specialized abilities in Cavalry/Fanatics/Miracles.

Fill the Abilities tree based on your own battle style!

  • Choose Cavalry abilities if you prefer hit-and-run tactics with cavalry’s speed!
  • Choose Fanatics abilities if you choose to grow by defeating fanatics!
  • Choose Miracles abilities if you would like to show a strong figure in battle!

Choose which Athena’s miracles you want to enhance first according to your battle style.

  • Choose Aegis for much stronger troops!
  • Choose Goddess of War for hit-and-run tactics!
  • Choose Goddess of Justice for defeating fanatics!

Primary – Secondary God

When the god’s level reaches 20, you can place a secondary god. Primary – Secondary god’s abilities are applied as mentioned below:

  • The secondary god’s miracles effects are all applied, and the active miracle is used when the one by the primary god is used.
  • Abilities of the Secondary god are not applied, but you can receive the increased maximum number of troops effect depending on the level.
  • Primary – Secondary god both get the same amount of EXP.

Consider the combination of miracles and abilities of Primary – Secondary gods in organizing the most effective troops!

Rally Attack

The number of troops, along with the god/unit types affect a lot in the victory/defeat of a battle.

The size of the troops in the battle depends on the abilities of the Gods, but the troops’ size in the rally attack depends on the Rallying square’s level.

Upgrade rallying square to lead the alliance battle to victory!

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