GODSOME: Clash of Gods – Guild of Exotic Creatures Guide

Guild of Exotic Creatures

Greetings, Your Holiness. Did you know that in GODSOME, there are exotic animal vendors who sell a variety of items at discounted prices?

Check out our guide below to find out how to meet them!

Guild of Exotic Creatures

In the Build Menu, touch the [Economy] tab to find the ‘Guild of Exotic Creatures’ building, which becomes available for construction upon reaching Temple level 4.

After construction, the Guild of Exotic Creatures will visit the Sacred Land at a random time of the day. If the icon above the Guild of Exotic Creatures is floating, the Shop is available.

The higher the level of the Temple, the more diverse merchants will visit the Guild of Exotic Creatures. As more merchants visit, a wider variety of useful and diverse products become available for purchase.

The Guild of Exotic Creatures sells a variety of items at discounted prices. If you don’t like what’s on sale, you can use the reset button to change the sales list up to five times. Resetting is free for the first time, but afterwards you’ll have to pay Chaos Gems.

1st resetFree
2nd reset150 Chaos Gems
3rd reset300 Chaos Gems
4th reset450 Chaos Gems
5th reset600 Chaos Gems
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