GODSOME: Clash of Gods – Monolith Buff Guide

Monolith Buff

There are various Monoliths located in different parts of the haven. Dispatch scouts to Restore/Activate Monoliths to gain various buff effects!

Types of Monoliths

There are a total of seven types of Monoliths in the haven.

Each Monolith provides different types of buff effects:

Name of MonolithEffect
Monolith of CooperationBuilding Speed Up
Monolith of WisdomResearch Speed Up
Monolith of RestorationHealing Speed Up
Monolith of GatheringAll Gathering Speed Up
Monolith of ProductionResource Production Up
Monolith of VitalityStamina Restoration Speed Up
Monolith of LearningGod EXP(gained by battle) Up

Activated buff effects of Monoliths can be viewed on ‘Monolith Effect’ from ‘Temple’ menu.

If the same type of Monolith is activated a certain number of times, buff level is increased and the effect is enhanced.

If the number of activated Monoliths of the same type decreases, the buff level will also be decreased.

Lock Monolith

Monoliths can only be activated up to 500 at a time. After the limit has been reached, activating additional Monoliths will deactivate a random existing one.

You can use the ‘lock’ feature to prevent a certain type of Monolith from being deactivated.

‘Lock’ can be divided into two types.

  • Latest activated Monolith type

The Monolith type that scouts activated most recently will be excluded from deactivation.

  • Prophet’s Choice

You can also lock the Monolith type in ‘Monolith Effect’ to exclude from deactivation.

*Only 1 Monolith type can be ‘locked’ at a time

Checking the Monolith with World Map Filter

When the World Map is zoomed out to a certain degree, the World Map Filter function will be activated.

Utilize the World Map Filter function to search Active/Inactive Monoliths in the haven.

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