Godsworn – Strategies for the Hardest Challenges


We use the same four glyphs because they are the best. You can try others if you want. The two most important ones are Jumis twins and Fortress. Take them in the same order so you don’t mess up the hotkeys. Use F1 for Jumis and F2 for Fortress since you will use them a lot.

Use Jumis twins on cooldown on worshippers to get money faster. You can find this glyph on the Defense of Bertia map. We need a lot of defense early, so use Fortress and Bulwark of the builders. Worshipped is always useful since we need a lot of faith.

Invasion of Skalvia

In the early game, clear the nearby camps for more worshippers. Only take wood and build towers. As soon as you reach level 4, go for the golden tree and use it on cooldown. We need a lot of ore. Go to tier 2 as soon as you have 250 gold, then make 140/140 stardaughters and rush the 3 shrines.

Don’t do the forests spirits and the monastery side quests. You have to kill the 3 shrines quickly, or the enemy will send huge waves and you can’t win. I also suggested using charm/recognition a lot and making a lot of bulls as Ausrine.

Defense of Tervete

Focus on getting wood for towers and charming the most neutral units while building towers. Secure the ore camps for tier 2 and building fortresses. Then use the charm upgrade on the building that makes random units to charm a black knight. They have a huge damage AOE that will help a lot. Use Jumis twins glyphs to make more black knights.

Defense of Bertia

This is similar to the Tervete strategy, but a bit harder to defend since the map is more open. Black knights don’t have their AOE ability on this map for some reason, so it’s a bit better to charm and duplicate the mounted knights.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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