Gold Rush: The Game – S30 (Chests)

Bonus Crates

Route Hotel -> Haines -> Pine Valley -> Nighthawk -> River Town -> Old Arnold

  • Hotel parking lot
  • Dead end right Riverside Str in Haines (at the river)
  • Blacksmith
  • Collapsed bridge
  • Junkyard at the very end
  • Waterfall east of Fort Ripley by the benches (narrow path)
  • Boathouse Fort Ripley by the boats
  • Road to Pine Valley next to gate of last house (near the Bearpaw Lake story)
  • Camp between the sawmill and Fort Ripley by the trampoline
  • Sawmill car park (left)
  • Toilet Sawmill to Nighthawk
  • Dead end Fulcrum Factory
  • Camp Crystal Lake
  • Behind caravan before entrance to River Town
  • Camping ground west of Mine Henneberg
  • In small pond between Haines and lake north of the dam
  • Radio station (last corner)
  • Parked railway wagons at the end of the track (mine) in front of the factory
  • Factory southeast parking lot

On Rivertown:

  • Small lake in northwest (grid square 28)
  • House south of water tower (you see it from the story between both)
  • Path south of the digging area to the west

Outside of the claim the positions are the same from last season except those in Haines and the toilet to Nighthawk. They’re the same as LB season 28 if we have actually 22 chests.

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