Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Quick Fix

Quick Fix “Help Me Keep on Front Page”

Ok this is what worked for me and will hopefully work for most of you.

Go into your bios settings. (MSI boards hold delete at startup). Turn off/set to 0 your e-cores. (Usually under advance settings in the overclock menu. OC menu will show up if u turn on advance menu. F7 for MSI. F10 to save settings).

If you are just gaming there is no need to have e-cores on (unless you have multiple things running all the time). If you want to turn your e-cores back on I recommend playing till the start of chapter 1.

Should work fine from there though some cut scenes may require you to keep the e-cores off. I personally have not run into one yet.

Anyways if this works for you let me know. And if this is a true solution for most of ya plz keep this thread at the top of the page so we can stop the review bombs.

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