Granblue Fantasy: Relink – The Best AI Partner Sigil and Imbue Setup

The Best AI Partner Sigil and Imbue Setup

After further testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that a very well setup AI Partner party has a significantly better chance at finishing Proud missions than having Online allies.

To properly setup the NPC allies for success, you’ll need to equip them with the following.

Damage Cap V (x4), Critical Hit V (x3), Critical Damage V (x2), Tyrant (x2), Guts V (x1), and Imbue their weapons with Auto Revive.

This is even better if your AI partner can heal themselves along with their party since they do not have access to Potions. So the top AI partner choices are as followed: Gran/Djeeta, Katarina, Eugen, Ferry, and Cagliostro.

With this, not only will your AI partners have some amazingly good damage output, they’ll be able to fights significantly better than most players. Since most mission failures due to characters going down, having AI partners that don’t go down easily will significantly boost your overall success rate.

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