Gray Zone Warfare – Stutter Fix

Stutter Fix for 90% of Players

Will fix memory leaks for ram crashes in helis or while traversing the map!

Try these three things please:

  • First: Download Process Lasso [official site], start it up when your game is running. Go to Active Processes, right click GZW.exe and set the CPU priority to high. it will remember this setting, not like taskmanager.
  • Second: Download ISLC [official forum], and set the lower limit to 1024mb ram, upper limit to 50% of ur ram, 16384mb if u have 32gb ram, set the resolution timer to 0.5ms.

Checkmark use custom resolution timer and click start, it will fix memory leak issues on ram just like in hogwarts legacy and many other ue5 titles. Set the poling rate to 10000.

This will greatly reduce stuttering!

  • Third: Last tip for stuttering, right click GZW.exe and disable FSO (Fullscreen optimizations), this is a fake version of fullscreen which will greatly increase stuttering.

If using stock Windows 11 or Stock Windows 10, look into GhostSpectre, Tiny11, or similiar. This will greatly increase 1% and 0.1% lows for your CPU performance, which is 100% key in this game.

Volodymyr Azimoff
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