Grounded – How to Beat the Wasp Queen

Wasp Queen Guide

I kill her twice with this setup.

Armor & Weapon:

  • Fire ant set level max
  • Salty morning start level 8 (primary weapon) + ladybird shield
  • Black ox crossbow + salty and/or splinter arrow (secondary weapon to killl the frustating wasp drones & shoot the queen when they’re out of range)


Meatshield, coup de grass, buff lungs, mithratidism, sour sensation (1.2 new mutation that is unlocked when you eat some sour lump).


  • 10+ Beefy fuzz on the rocks
  • 5+ Sticky waspidote
  • 10+ healbasa (optional)

Buff Before the Fight:

  • Eat a blackox burger, maybe a wasperod (I don’t ty it at this time)
  • Construct a wasp mount and use it

The queen herself is not really difficult. Her attacks are quite easy to dodge or parry, you just have to move a lot. The main difficulty is that she randomly summons wasps and especially wasp drones. If wasp drones pop up, focus on them to kill them as soon as possible.

The advantage of the salty mass is that you will stun and put the queen on the ground sometime and quickly kill wasps of course if they are not out of range. If she’s out of range just be patient (it’s a long fight) and avoid her attacks, switch to the crossbow, use this time to heal yourself.

Tips make a save just before you summon her in case you’re very unlucky and she summons a lot of wasp drones just reload your game.

Hope that help you!

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