Hades 2 – Guide to 32 Fear (Snorlax Staff Easy Build)

Aspect of Mel Staff: Snorlax Staff

The Staff, Descura, has a really potent basic Attack combo and a lot of Daedalus hammers that buff up its hit rate. We’re going to combine that with Poseidon for our damage, while using the Water Trio (Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Demeter) to give us preposterous amounts of HP.


  • II Wayward Son
  • III Huntress
  • V Messenger
  • VI Furies
  • VII Titan
  • X Lovers
  • XI Swift Runner
  • XII Eternity
  • XIII Centaur
  • XVIII Origination
  • XVI Fates
  • XVII Boatman
  • XXI Seer
  • XXII Champions

Companion: Frinos

We want the max HP and projectile block for Erebus.

Core Fear

Total Fear: 25

  • Vow of Destitution II
  • Vow of Arrogance II
  • Vow of Forasking I
  • Vow of Desperation II
  • Vow of Wandering II
  • Vow of Scars II
  • Vow of Fury II
  • Vow of Commotion II
  • Vow of Panic

My Preference to 32:

  • Vow of Commotion III
  • Vow of Blood II
  • Vow of Dominance III

This build deals a ton of AOE damage so Dom 3 and Com 3 should be pretty easy.

Important Boons

Important Boons to Take to Gain Muscle Mass

  • Double Up
  • Life Affirmation
  • Plentiful Forage
  • Water Fitness
  • Hearty Appetite


  • Vivid Seas
  • God keepsakes to get both of Dem/Aph
  • Then Lion Fang for Fields
  • Knuckle Bones for Tartarus

Combat Tips

  • Panic + Huntress give us nice earlygame damage with Poseidon
  • Take the HP scaling boons whenever possible (use rerolls so that you can get Wave Strike and Double Up seperately so you don’t brick)
  • Weak, Slip, Freeze and Cyclone are all great for Origination
  • Look for GLOBAL damage % increases instead of weapon dmg% so they scale the Pos waves
  • Basic attack hammers are great of course

Victory: This run finished with over 500 hp.

I hope it is useful to you!

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