Halls of Torment – Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing

Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out

You only need to (as of this writing) collect potion ingredients once.

Also you can start a game, grab a potion or ingredient and then immediately exit to save it after putting it in the well, you do not need to complete the mission to collect your items/potions or ingredients.

So the moment you unlock the potions, gather up all the ingredients and start hustling to get as many of the potions unlocked as you can.

Once you have unlocked the potions, stack dedications.

Use potions of memory & reverberant tinktures together in order to lock down two dedications of the same level that would otherwise be mutually exclusive and stack the best ones.

AKA If weapon proficiency 1 for attack speed and damage shows up, use the potion of memory to keep it in the unlock loop, then skip it and wait until weapon proficiency 1 for ranged shows up as well. Take the ranged dedication and then, on next level up take the damage dedication and use the reverb potion on top of it to stack it twice.

Now you’ve got… Say 50% dmg and 30% attack speed alongside whatever the ranged boost would be to boot. It will look something like this.


  • A. Jade amulet. Never take it off, at least until you’ve unlocked enough side quest to get so much experience boost that levels 80 – 100 become easy to reach without it.
  • B. Wind Crown. Never take it off. The only exception being on the exterminator perhaps. You can use the crown that increases fire dmg depending on how many things are burning at the same time.
  • C. Wooden ring & copper ring – Use these two together to stack close to 100% critical chance with the right characters and build selections along with potion use.

If you do all of the above you will slaughter bosses in less than thirty seconds.

  • D. Attack speed gloves – Switch out as necessary with things like invocator’s grasp.

Always take transfusion

This ability when maxed to its full potential can put no less than three debuffs on everything in sight, including the final boss. You will consistently kill said final boss on all three stages in less than a minute putting all this advice together.

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  1. Honestly, this trick comes quite handy, but as mentioned, I didnt know about it and managed to finish most of the quests. Now I’m doing some final 100’s levels and remaining “bulk” quests (kill xxx ect) and while it helps, it is not really needed to finish the game.

    By the way: do we know when new update comes to life?

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