Hammerwatch II – How to Beat the Blight or the Doombringer

I did find them more interesting than other bosses. It didn’t take too long for me to figure out Doombringers attack patterns, but I was on a paladin so I could survive getting hit. Blight I did die to once, but then I learned his patterns and beat him (heck, I was more concerned about enemies in the tower respawning).

My experience so far is only on normal though (for now).

Doombringer Boss Fight Tips

For Doombringer, when he drops meteors, watch the shadows and where they are going, and avoid not where they are, but do avoid where they are headed.

For his fly by breath, it’s a fairly thin line, so if you stand still then dash up/down away, it’s easy to avoid. The spikes me makes at the same time can be attacked to remove, so clear some out to allow movement if needs be.

When he lands, his attacks are somewhat based on your distance from him. If far, he likes to start with the lightning laser (doesn’t always, but more often than nought). It has a long wind up, and he doesn’t change it’s direction, so get close enough to see his head, and don’t stand where it’s poijnting.

His sweeping fire breath can be dashed through.

When he aims his head up to drop AoE’s everywhere, you can safely run under him (I’ve not seen that attack his behind him).

When you’re close (under him for avoiding the previous attack, or just happen to be there) he will stomp on you. It doesn’t have as long a windup as the other attacks, but it still has one, so if you see it coming you can dash away. His stomp is an AoE around him, so you do have to travel a distance to get away from it.

For a safe win, I suggest waiting/baiting out the upward breath AoE drop from him, dashing under him to avoid it, and unload DPS until the stomp then dash away. The rest of the time just clear the spikes and avoid the other attacks while doing some ranged damage, but focused more on waiting for good windows to unload than trying to constantly dps (and the best window in my opinion is during the LONG animation of his doing the upward breath AoE attack).

Blight Boss Fight Tips

Blight felt a bit simpler in moveset, but harder due to all the adds.

The phase where he adds adds is timed, so you’ll want to destroy the spawners asap so you don’t get overwhelmed (some will always spawn, and more spawn when the spawners get destroyed, but at least it is a manageable amount… you don’t want to get overwhelmed). Each adds phase adds an extra spawner, so the longer the fight goes, the more intense it gets.

I don’t have really detailed suggestions for the rest of his attacks though. My most damaging attacks for my one time beating him was melee, so when I could get close I did, and when I couldn’t I did lesser ranged damage when I could between moving to avoid the attacks, with an eye on my health to use potions as needed. Because this fight is more chaotic than doombringer, I kinda just did my thing / followed my gaming instincts instead of really analysing the moves and how to counter them. (sorry I can’t be more help for him at this time)

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