Hell Let Loose – Tips for Noobs

Useful Tips

Choose Rifleman role. Stay close to your squad. Ask your SL for current objective. If the fool does not respond and the squad is dispersed, go to the nearest captured strongpoint and defend it in cover. As long as you’re in there, you will gather XP points.

  • Its a game of garrisons (team spawns) and holding ground. No tickets like Squad.
  • So don’t be afraid to die, and most of all. Don’t be afraid to redeploy if you are losing your defense objective.
  • A victory point is the game, and since spawns hold points. Garrisons are the #1 thing to build.
  • Nodes which build resources are 2nd, and also impotant. a good way to learn is as an engi. Also support.

Note: Try roles before going to Riflemen. They can be useful but almost always better to just try play anything else.

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