HELLDIVERS 2 – Advices on Dealing with Bugs

Useful Tips on How to Deal with Bugs

  • Most bugs die if you remove 2 legs (except the one I have been calling a knight, this one can charge towards the divers without its head).
  • Chargers should be shot in the abdomen or on the sides if you remove the armor first (railgun is good for that).
  • Stalkers can be one shot with an overcharged shot of railgun (unsafe mode) or two autocanon shots.
  • Bile titans can have their ability to throw acid reduced by taking out their bright green sacs on their bellies, they can also be one shot with an unsafe shot from the rail gun when they spit acid.
  • Acid spewer can be used as makeshift mines if you remove theirs heads or at least two legs.
  • Fire works on any bug.
  • You can shoot off a chargers leg and it will insta die to.

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