HELLDIVERS 2 – Alternate Fire Modes

Alternate Fire Modes

Been having a blast doing my part and played around a bit with the support weapons and discovering alternative fire modes has me checking everything for their offering.

The alternative fire is an unsung function I love (add it to the tutorial please) and the first time I went UNSAFE on the Railgun and overcharged, my fire team had a right laugh. Noticing some of them have no other options I wanted to see what people thought of these:

  • Grenade Launcher: Delayed Fuse; a 1-3 second delay on detention, to let you bounce it into bug holes or factory vents to get that destruction.
  • Laser Cannon: Pulse Fire; A charged single laser blast for bypassing light armour, using 1/3 heat capacity each time.
  • Arc Thrower: Tendril Discharge; Reduces the range to >10 meters and instead fires a 60 degree electric cone to arc anything within it, bug crowd control galore.
  • Flamethrower: Fire Ball; Charge fires a condensed ball of napalm, concentrating a high damage, low spread fire solution for specific targets.
  • Recoilless Rifle: Unsafe Discharge; When fired the internal casing is ejected, however the back blast becomes a lot more deadly. Plus, bonking potentially of a case to the face.

I’m sure there’s some I’ve not yet tried so have missed out that they have no other options, but the alternative fire modes is a real nice way to change your tactics on the fly and support weapons without them are missing a trick!

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