HELLDIVERS 2 – Enemy Weaknesses

Enemy Weaknesses


Remove the armour of a single leg via:

  • Rail Gun – two shots
  • Any Rocket – One shot. Shoot exposed leg with weapon of choice.

Heavy Artillery Gun Towers

Orbital Strike – Rockets (I think two shots with the EAT). Also has a weak spot at the back but you need an armour penetration weapon I think.


Shoot the back with any gun.


Headshot with a marksman rifle is very effective.

Scout Strider

You can get a head shot from the front if you have good aim. Made easier with higher ground. I think Anti-Material Rifle shreds them too?

Bile Spewer

Shoot it in the head with anything tbh but most hard hitting weapons will one shot it in the head (rail gun, rockets, rifle, etc.)

Brood Commander

Headshot but it’ll keep moving for a bit after.

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