HELLDIVERS 2 – Explanation of Warbond

What Is a Warbond?

Warbonds are bundles of game content made to bring more variety to the Helldivers 2 experience. They can be purchased with Super Credits, which can be bought by players directly or discovered through gameplay.

Warbonds can contain anything from emotes and player cards to armor, weapons and capes. The weapons and armor contained in Warbonds are designed to spice up the player experience, not to overpower the options available in game – meaning, a Warbond rifle may have the same damage output as a rifle that can be unlocked through gameplay, but have a new weird way of outputting said damage.

Each Warbond is divided into several pages of content. This content can be unlocked by spending War Medals, discovered through gameplay or awarded for completing objectives. Once you have spent a set number of Medals on one Warbond, the next page of that Warbond will become available. All medals spent in a Warbond, no matter which page they were spent on, count towards unlocking the next page. This means that you can progress through a Warbond at your own pace, in the order you prefer.

New Warbonds are continuously added to the game. Existing Warbonds will always remain available for purchase.

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