HELLDIVERS 2 – Good General Purpose Build

Good General Purpose Build

First off, understand that there is no “Perfect” build in Helldivers 2. You can easily specialize your build for one specific style and it will excel in that one specific style.

This build I’m introducing will generally get you through all scenarios regardless of whether or not you know what’s going on.

To start, the general weapons you will want are the LAS-5 Scythe (Laser) main weapon, Redeemer Auto-Pistol, and Impact Grenades.

The Scythe is one of the weakest primary weapons, however the benefit is that it has Infinite Ammo as long as you don’t overheat. Thus in tough situations where you may not get a resupply because everything is frantic, not having any ammo concerns is nice.

The Redeemer Auto Pistol is the perfect “get off me” point blank weapon. When you need to get rid of enemies super quickly up close, there’s no better secondary weapon that is better than this one at this point in time.

The Impact Grenades are nice, as it’s a good way to clear large hordes of enemies small to medium enemies very quickly, especially useful after death when you need a little something to help you get back to your dropped gear.

As for the strategems I recommend, they are: Autocannon, Orbital Railcannon, Eagle 110 Rockets, and the Eagle 500kg Bomb.

The Autocannon shoots rounds that are as good as grenades straight and extremely high velocity. It can even hit targets as far as your view distance. Each drop contains 10 rounds in the gun and 50 extra rounds in the backpack. You don’t need a partner to help you load the weapon as it’s already super fast reloading it yourself as long as the weapon is not empty (you reload 5 rounds at a time). The reload is so fast that it actually beats many other weapons in terms of reload speed. Has Medium Armor Penetration and does some fair damage against Armored targets.

The Orbital Railcannon is your general purpose Super Target weapon that generally does not miss as long as you throw the strategem near the target. It doesn’t have the AoE damage, however it’s actually as strong (if not stronger) than dropping a Hellpod on top of an enemy.

The Eagle 110 Rockets is a multi-use explosive that does heavy damage against heavily armored targets. With a 15 second cooldown (down to 8 seconds when upgraded) you can use this up to 2 times (3 times if upgraded) in a short span of time to take down some heavily armored units (like Chargers). After that, it will enter a 2 and a half minute cooldown. A very good infinite use Anti-Heavy Armor strategem to have around on any difficulty higher than Medium.

The Eagle 500kg Bomb is your general purpose Nuke. Useful in just about every situation, even when it is to take yourself out and everything else around you. This can be used for just about everything and you can have up to 2 charges (when upgraded) before it goes on a 2 and a half min cooldown. This is also a good “go out with a bang” strategem if you get surrounded and know you’re not going to get out; at the very least you will know your drops will be clear of extremely up-close enemies so you can go back to retrieve the dropped equipment.

So, while this build isn’t exactly the best build for every situation, it’s a build that will let you adapt to every situation.

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