HELLDIVERS 2 – How Does Progress Work?

How Does This Game Progress Work?

It works much like Helldivers 1 in that any open planet will just populate with random missions based on what difficulty you have it set to.

The missions don’t ever really go away, they’re all just randomly generated. Unless you’re completing a mission in a “set” (where you get a completion bonus for doing all of the deployments in an area), you’re not ever going to be completing a deployment and crossing it off, never to be done again. Due to the random generation, however, you won’t ever get the same mission twice, just potentially the same objectives.

The progression is a bit more spread out that Helldivers, but ultimately not as complicated as it initially presents itself. Completing objectives gets you Experience and Requisition. Higher levels unlock more titles, but more importantly more stratagems for you to buy. You use the Requisition to buy stratagems you want from the computers next to the hangar.

Additionally, successfully completing main objectives or personal missions (e.g. “Kill 500 Terminids”) gives you Medals. Medals can be spent in the Warbonds (basically, Forknife battle passes but mostly free) to unlock new weapons, armors, cosmetics, and boosters.

Lastly, during missions you can find Samples, like in the first game. In this one, the samples let you upgrade aspects of your ship, which then grants bonuses to your stratagems. For instance, upgrading your hangar will make your strafing run call-ins betters.

It sounds a like a lot, but ultimately it boils down to – play missions, exploring and doing well gives you better rewards. Use the Requisition to buy stratagems you like, use the Samples to upgrade them, and use the Medals to progress the passes and get the guns and armor you want.

Hope that helps!

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