HELLDIVERS 2 – Penetration Values and Mob Armor

Penetration Values and Mob Armor

Know what the armor ratings for the different mobs are (i.e. Chargers, ATAT, ect) and what the penetration ratings are for the supply strategems? (i.e. Recoilless Rife, Antimateriel Rifle, ect.) 

Supply Strategems:

Machine GunMedium
Anti-Materiel RifleMedium
Expendable Anti-TankHeavy
Recoilless RifleHeavy


Using Helldiver 1 lingo.

Scout, Vanguard, Stalker, Shadow, WarriorLight
Elite, Brood Commander, acid spitter(?)Medium
Bile TitanHeavy++


Haven’t played so don’t know besides what the videos show and don’t have names for them.

Dual Rocket Launcher,Light
AT-AT, Shield FighterMedium
Chunky Chainsaw man?Heavy

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  1. armor is heavily positional, stalkers are definitely medium (multiple mags of small arms, but a few rounds from the lmg) some bugs have medium face plates

    autocannon cannot pierce heavy, it ricochets. you have to hit chargers in their medium/light armor, i dont think it can strip plating

    fire damage seems to work on all armor?

    grenade launcher is good for medium, uniquely able to kill bug holes but cant penetrate heavy

    hand grenades have differing penetration value according to ui, i dont know what this implies but he pens more than frag.

    laser cannon seems to be medium, bounces off heavy

    most explosive stratagems are able to destroy buildings which seem to be similar to heavy armor, stratagems that cant kill buildings tend to not pierce heavy armor, clusterbombs, strafe runs and gatling guns appear to work this way

    thats all i know so far, hoping for info on gas artillery as i havent seen it yet

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