HELLDIVERS 2 – Tips on How to Kill Chargers and Titans Quickly

Kill Chargers and Titans Quickly


You know it, I know it, everyone else knows it. 500 Kg bomb and then bait them to do a spitting attack so they don’t move away from it’s range.

If you shoot them in their mouth with an anti-tank (recoilless, eat, etc) while they’re doing a spitting attack their head will blow up, making it a one-shot.

Not an actual killing advice, but just a quick notice. A lot of people seem to be unaware that titans have two vulnerable body sections: gut/ass (you shoot it to get rid of spit attack) and chest that is closer to that head. If your titan is barely alive but you don’t have any anti-tanks you can try breaking the chest as it might deal just enough damage to finish it off.


If you’re having trouble killing them with anti-tank stuff aim for the leg. It’ll either instantly kill them or completely strip the armor from it. Legs are very vulnerable so you can quickly finish them off with your basic primary.

Same advice, different flavor. Railgun strips leg armor in 2 shots. Get their ankles and then finish them off with your primary. By far the most productive method of getting rid of them.

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  1. I like how bugs got the dead space treatment. Even tho headshots are effective the leg shots are the true weak points for the bugs.

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