HELLDIVERS 2 – You Can Call Stratagems while in Movement

You Can Call Stratagems while in Movement

Just hold L1 with and use the movement stick using your left hand, and use the right hand’s thumb to hit the combos with your D-Pad.

It allows you to call stratagems even under pressure. With ennemies chasing you, you are walking anyways between unloading clips, and you don’t need right hand buttons to move away, prefect for calling in a quick stratagem or reinforcement.

Just thought I’d share that little tip because I have seen a lot of players failing to reinforce or call stratagems as soon as they are under enemy pressure.

They often get overwhelmed and die as the pressure scales when they had opportunities to call in reinforcements, anti tank rockets, turrets, etc.

You can call stratagems and walk at the same time, especially the easier ones, you don’t have to stand still to call them.

Note: For PC players. Re-bind your stratagems, WSAD to the Arrow keys. You can do the same.

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