Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Companions That Are a Must Have

Good / Useful Companions

The Leader of the Herbology Sect is a great supporter, who also has many events tied to her in terms of quests that make her useful to have around even outside of combat.

The Innkeeper from the Nameless Village is similarly a character who is useful for her passive abilities, she makes you free food each day and if you Bond with her she makes it twice a day as well as giving you a once-per-day boost to your Stamina and Mood.

The Princess you can marry is another one who is useful for her unique passive effects. Just by marrying her you get some free money each day and if she’s in your party she gives you even more, the only downside is that by marrying her its harder to build relationship with ANY female character.

The young leader of Tiger Escort is a wild tiger in battle, she is useful to have around and you would want her in your party while rescuing the Emperor for the benefits it brings.

Apart from Tiger Escort’s boss there’s another useful combat character who also uses blades (which seem to be generally useful as a weapon type) and that’s the Butcher in Daliang City, his recruitment quest you get after befriending him doesn’t seem too difficult, he even has a purple-tier weapon you can trade back off & have him equip which specifically syncs with one of his techniques.

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