Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Confucius Saint Ending

How to Get Confucius Saint Ending

For Confucius Saint ending read 10 books inside disciple room and location of the 10 books are:

  1. Chests inside literature room (chest).
  2. Outside next to literature room (chest between building and wall).
  3. Ink house (chest).
  4. Hall of righteousness (tower / chest).
  5. Disciple room (chest).
  6. Got the morning class book (ritual book on one of the kid’s table).
  7. Jade book from sect master.
  8. Mang pit tomb (inside the coffin).
  9. Before entering the tomb go to the right and open a chest for feng shui secrets book
  10. Finally saving the sister inside the tower got me supreme book (by bringing the lady from plant sect to the brother in front of the tower quest).

In total 10 out of 10.

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