Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Dragon Library Quiz

Dragon Library Quiz

Q: It’s easy to paint the skin of a tiger, but not its bones.
A: Know a person’s face, but not their heart.

Q: Planning behind the Curtain.
A: Win a thousand miles away.

Q: At four years old, he could yield pears.
A: Respect the elder, should known first.

Q: The wise man is as good as water, a great ocean manual.
A: The benevolent person is like a high mountain, carrying heavy virtue.

Q: A long journey tests a horse’s strength.
A: Time reveals a person’s heart.

Q: The way of teaching, value in focus.
A: If not taught, nature will change.

Q: The waves behind drives on those before.
A: New people replace the old.

Q: The mountain does not tire of height; the ocean does not tire of depth.
A: Duke Zhou fed the people, and all hearts turned towards him.

Q: Man follows the earth, the earth follows the heaven, ___, ___.
A: The way of heaven is the way of nature.

Q: The highest good is water, water is good at.
A: Benefits all things and does not compete.

Q: Respect the old, and extend it to others.
A: I was young, as were others.

Q: Honorable and magnanimous.
A: The petty man is always worried.

Q: Confucianists confuse the law with their writings.
A: A hero uses martial arts to break the law.

Q: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
A: If you don’t accumulate small streams, you can’t form rivers and seas.

Q: If a father does not teach his son, he is to blame.
A: If the teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy.

Q: In poverty, one focuses on self-improvement.
A: If you are successful, you are kind to the world.

Q: Honorable and yet different.
A: The petty man agrees but does not harmonize.

Q: Cruel World, treating all things as straw dogs.
A: The sage is not benevolent, treating the people as straw dogs.

Q: Learning without thought is labor lost.
A: To think without learning is dangerous.

Q: The movement of the sun and the moon is as if it were among them.
A: The stars in the sky are brilliant as if they come from within.

Q: The ospreys cry, on the islet in the river.
A: A lady of grace, Gentleman’s Courtship.

Q: The three powers are heaven, earth, and man.
A: The three lights are the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Q: Jade, if not polished, does not become a tool.
A: If a person does not learn, he does not know righteousness.

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