Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Easy Ways to Make Guan / Money

How to Make so Much Guan / Money

Here’s the basic money progression, from the start of the game:

  • Step 1: (Nameless Villiage) Gather and sell basic resources (<1 Guan)
  • Step 2: Collect scrap silver and exchange it at Pawn Shops (1-5 Guan)
  • Step 3: Casinos (100-200 Guan)
  • Step 4: Auctions. Sell Legendary wood for about 45 guan each. Easy to get from upgraded back mountain.

For the Casinos, I always quicksave and then go all in on “small” (right kanji). You are aiming for a dice total less or equal to 10. Reload if I run out of money or MP.

Make sure to clear the relic house in one visit for an extra game with a large amount of money and a legendary manual (pretty sure you also have to win the center dealers bonus game and get the forgotten pill).

Make sure NOT to trigger the Daling casino owners quest because it leads to a really tough battle (ie save it till you are very strong) I think the trigger for that quest is to win all her money (anything less than the starting buy in is considered “all”) while she has a high relation with you.

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  1. Marry the princess, or join the army. You got a stipend every day with being in the army of the royal princess in your party.

    Other than that, once you get legendary materials from gathering, you can auction those for upwards of 50k sometimes.

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