Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Free Mode 1200 Tips

Gameplay Tips for Free Mode 1200

Here are some of my tips (on free mode 1200):

All traits that grant you immunities are essential. All traits that increase your attributes are very helpful if you don’t pick the conqueror trait (initial level 100.)

Your raw attack and defense stats are the biggest factors to your damage and survivability. Defense is much more important, imho.

Effective Learner doesn’t boost your damage that much. Unless, if you want to get some weapon mastery achivements, it’s a must. I always pick it anyway since I can get Weapon Master trait for free when I hit 200 in any weapon stat.

Pick Discerned Eyes, it cheap and it can guarantee your attacks to land (90-95%). Without it, well, good luck in Free mode. You can aslo boost your accuracy with a certain Passive tree, however, it’s not worth spending 1/4 of your points to boost 20% accuracy.

Action speed and Qingcong boost traits…they are very situational, it depends on your builds. Counters can play a big role to even out your mediocre action speed (Burning Sun Internal can help you with a counter build).

Most high-leveled enemies can outspeed you easily and some of them can apply debuffs (seal, poison, etc.) every turn if you don’t have immunity traits.

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  1. if you stack all the action speed buffs, you will easily move 2x to 3x faster than enemies. Even bosses since you have about 200 action speed. If you go Wind passive, you’ll get to 220 speed. Action speed perks works best if you grab all of them. Even in nightmare, i was moving 2x faster than bosses.

    Best perks are:
    Magic nature = all attacks combo automatically, pierce armor, and +15% action speed
    Replenishing Qi and blood = double hp
    Hardy = more defense. Even better if you save scum to get 50 CON with other CON perks
    And get all speed perks to double your movement.
    And for items, get the 10 full hp restore pills

    Other perks maybe:
    Regenerative Body = doubles recovery. This is only a good perk IF it works with Nine Province Manual. That manual restores 20% of missing health. If it doubles that, then you get 40% hp per turn. I have no idea if it works or not. If it does, this is probably the strongest perk in the game.

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