Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Free Mode 1690 Tips

Gameplay Tips for Free Mode 1690

Just finished peak starting from lvl 1, taking confucius route. Taking Son of Noble was useless, since you can’t beat the enemies at the auction house until lvl 40+. Definitely would help to start from 50 or more.

Went str/con fist build. Abused Miao Caldie for 40 str + Calculated Strike. Damage Transfer is insanely strong, just need to be adjacent to an enemy. Confucius Thirteen Sutra for main internal. Burning Sun Technique was also good + Lightning Strike.

Freedom/Nine Yang + Immovable Mountain + Emperor Seal.

The tutorial snake can be skipped if you meditate and go over the quest time limit in the forest before you meet the snake, but I took Discerning Eyes and killed it with 3 pills. You can let the lumberjack die, just need to meet the hunter to learn Nameless Village’s location.

Not dying in the hunter event + master beast taming makes red boar friendly, then you can grab the legendary combat arts.Losing the fight at Cross Hill gives you a bunch of useful consumables. Reading from confucius/shifa temple is a safe way to level up.

Draining Cai at the end of confucius quest made the peak fight easier. Hardest fights were Cai and Lao, but definitely doable. Maybe a sword build with Cockroach would be better in bossfights

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  1. The true ending at the start where you wait for the reinforcements to show up instead of helping either character. Also pick traits that give immunities to status effects you select the enemies to apply with their attacks.

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