Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Goddess Orbs Locations

Where to Find Goddess Orbs

4 of them are in Lin’An region, 2 on city and the other 2 outside.

  • Red Orb – Duke Kang’s Manor – Princess’ Bedroom
  • Green Orb – Herbology Sect, Table in the open
  • Yellow Orb – Given by one of the elderly people at the Goddess Temple who also gives you the rumor.
  • Blue Orb – Maiden House (2nd Floor)
  • Purple Orb – Snowflower Valley, in a chest behind a Pavillion.

Note: Where to use these orbs? Goddess Temple on Deserted Courtyard!


  1. The old lady that gave you the mountain orb is the one that stand near the door of that temple. She’ll give you the orb for free if you side with Melody House in the Deserted Courtyard.
    If not, the only way we know so far is to kill her to grab her orb.
    I’m still searching for another way to get the orb without killing her cruelly T_T

  2. for those who could not find the chest behind the pavilion, it is the one in the middle of the map where you have to cross the wooden planks

    the women who give the yellow orb is the one just below the room with the goddess statue

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